May 23rd, 2006



So after a mildly cryptic comment from Skippy here in this thread, yesterday when I got home from hospital (late... 'nother story) I decided to check on some other things in my travel bag as well. Actually, it's related to that particular travel bag also being the portable office, so it carries the laptop. Anyway, I usually leave it partially packed for that reason. Includes my toiletry ditty bag, which also includes a rechargable electric razor I purchased shortly after 9/12 (That would be 9/11 for most folks) because for quite a while after that date the airline inspections wouldn't even allow safety razors (double-edge blades, removable).

So the travel razor is missing. And there are definitely multi-sized otter paw prints out by Smudge's house. Which head out and down the drive-road. And Smudge himself is sort of mopey. Not sick mopey, just, well, mopey. Most significant of all, I've not seen the Sittle Lhit Mini-Fred himself recently and this weekend coming up? You got it. Buddha-con.

Herself says she saw a small pile of hair/fur in our bathroom. Just a small one though, certainly not enough for one otter much less the suspected two. Or more.

[desivoice]"Mini-Fred, jou got some 'splainin' to do!"[/desivoice]
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