May 25th, 2006


I Know Where My Towel Is

General progress on the new box: software installations progress without big problems. Not sure if the scanner will work yet; installing that software package is the only place things seemed dodgy. However, I'm going to be happy to uninstall that if needed, and look for other software. No worries.

Uninstalled AOHell's trial version for excessive annoyingme-ness. Will also un-install McAfee once the current AVG is updated.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Thursday.

Geek Update

Progress (between working for pay, and some yesterday evening) in loading the laptop (because, don't you know, I made a list)

Antivirus (and now McAfee may need to go because it keeps nagging me about updates needed...)
HP Scanner software, with a ? as I've not tested the scanner connected to this box. But the drivers are installed. And the software.
WordPerfect Office 12
Paradox (because I am such a fan of Microshaft, don't you know)
Palm Desktop (including hot-synch)
Adobe Acrobat 7 & Photoshop 7
AT&T Worldnet Connection (not run through yet, haven't connected via phone line)

Yet To Go:
Wacom Tablet (which will need the tablet actually connected to the box)
ACDC (for cataloging photos... maybe)
CuteFTP Pro: because I need to look some things up on Venerable Old Laptop in order to do this. Well, not to install per se, but to install and have it actually work.
Crystal Reports

And, to look at Vererable Old Laptop for the other odd'n'ends I'd been using. Oh, like:
Roxio Media Creator; I'd gotten a message about some installation of Roxio on the new box while installing something else... um, no, not that I can see. Is it incorporated into Winders now?

Seeking Suggestions:
For ghosting software. This installation process is getting complex enough that once I've got the software aboard (and before I start loading data backups) I want to ghost an image as a starting point in the event of major problems. Oh, there's a system restore feature installed, but that's part of Winders. I ask ya, do you think I trust it totally?

Nah. I knew ya didn't.
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