May 26th, 2006


Geekiness Updated

OK, in between lots of other computer related issues pertaining to Hospital (an upgrade in Test of one app, which required a reset of an interface, which bombed Production as well, which caused all kinds of trickle-down effects...)...

Little things taken care of today. Like, Microshaft no longer automatically loads Java with new PC's (apparently) so I needed to go find Java to make another chat window work; that's related to AORN (me nursing association) and some work I'm doing for, well, I guess myself amongst all the other colleageus over there. Anyway, Java loaded (SHUT UP FRED), Chat over There working again.

McAfee removed from new PC. AVG doing a nice job of keeping up with things. *G*

And some other pleasant silliness in odd corners of LJ. I so prefer those odd corners.

I go home now.
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