May 31st, 2006


Quick Like Bunny

As to what this entry has to do with bunnies, not much. Other than I saw a photograph of one today.

Met Herself at the local Lowe's on the way home, purchased a few items to bring our Tropical Storm State of Readiness up a bit. Replacement battery lanterns primarily, and a couple smaller items which are for the Ranch. Exciting, huh?

Then, after the shopping portion of our "date" I took her to the local Outback for dinner. OK, so that is a bit more exciting, even being a franchise chain place. We both had Victoria sirloins, Herself getting a "new" item on the menu with a mustard seed horseradish sauce over the steak; myself I went with the original and somewhat "plain" version. No, wait, it wasn't the Victoria... doesn't matter, it was steak. Yes. Rare. Just not quite Moo-ing. Mmmmmm. Garlic mashed potatoes (with lumps in them oh baby). And when we reached capacity, leftovers into a small box and on the road to the house.

Finished up a small amount of outstanding work related to a summer state nursing meeting, and this note, and I'm outa here for now.

Manana, eh?
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