June 4th, 2006


Studio 318 Progress

There's this older building on our Ranch. Well, yes, it's a building, but it started off life as a Single-wide Mobile Home, 14' wide by 66' long. We used to live in that with three cats, Dexter, Sinister, and DC, a Rottweiler named Kuma, and an Akita named Geisha. Houdini (or any of his brothers) is approximately .75 Kuma Units, to give you an idea of the size of the Rottweiler.

Then, when we got the Big House, we rented it out to a series of friends or relatives. First Herself's brother P, then C, then Wolfmom. This thing was built in 1980, so it's 26 years old. That's a pretty good age for one of these things, particularly since while they're called Mobile Homes, they aren't really exactly mobile. It takes a bit of work to move them, it's a bit of a stress on them to be moved, and this one moved three times.

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The root word of Studio is Study, and already it's in good shape to provide me a place to study. To study light, with some control thereof. To study means to process my images to achieve the end result pre-visualized. To study how to mount, cut and mat, and frame my own images. And maybe even to study how to market my work.

But I'm still procrastinating on crawling underneath, to look at the plumbing, which let go following the pressure surges when the water pressure returned, after the electricity coming back on, after being out for a several times during the Month of Storms of '04.

Forgot To Add

The otters must be back from Buddha-con. I found my travel razor and our electric clippers on the bed when we came back over from Studio yesterday. They're actually clean and in good shape, too.

Tweaked some details in studio today, and helped Herself a bit trying to do some macro work. Frustrating because it didn't turn out, but we've got some good ideas where to go next. Exciting, because the work is using some of my older lenses on the D70s. Nice, but requires some practice and thought. I need to acquire/make some diffusers for the lights; that's the biggest problem with the work she's doing right now. Use the lights, part of it's blown in the highlights because of reflection. Don't use the lights, use natural through the window, and it's washed out flat.

Oh well. Time for dinner.
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