June 9th, 2006


Well, That Was Special

We use a wonderful little application called Citrux to distribute the major app we use in the OR. Much of our testing of the upgrade has been done using "thick" clients installed on several laptops, so we also needed to do a load test of the Citrix server we pass through to connect. Turns out our Citrix admin guy wanted about 10 to 15 users to connect for the test; we provided 60, all trying to log on (and therefor passing through the Citrix server) pretty much simultaniously.

Kin Yu Say, Hosed th'Server?

Sher. I gnu yu culd.
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Testing, Testing, Is This Thing On?

Testing is on pause for the weekend. Employees of Major Software Vendor departed for various other locations by about noon. I caught up with a couple other things after that, ate lunch, and quite frankly have been burning time for the last hour and a bit. Well, there are some other small work related things completed in there.

Testing will resume on Monday. That is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ.
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