June 21st, 2006


Some Days The Magic Works

A bit of wierdness yesterday with Hospital's workstation that I use. Forced update (not sure if it was Wynders or the Other App which IS uses to push down updates) which also forced a re-boot, and following that my network drives would not map. So I logged off and logged in (forcing a re-read very soft boot), and no joy. So, I logged off and did a Shutdown/Restart warm boot. Logged back in and still, no joy. So, I shut down powered down paused a bit and pushed the Big Button to restart cold boot. And...

Still No Joy. So I put in a work ticket with IS; it's not exactly work stoppage because this happened literally just before quitting time yesterday, but it would be work stoppage this morning.

Yup. You got it. Log in this morning and there's all my network drive mappings. So I can perform my required duties for Hospital.

I can't seem to log into Flickr. Well, that definitely doesn't qualify as work stoppage.
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Got Oxygen?


It was a night.

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All that leads up to lunch today was chicken soup from the fast-food plaza downstairs. Partially, replacing fluids and partially that's all I feel up to putting through the entrance. That, and water. Lots of water. Well, not excessive quantities, but lots.
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Nicked from jeliza

Look at my LJ interests, and my user pics. Pick one (or one of each, if you like) that you find confusing or intriguing, and comment here. I’ll explain what it means and what makes it significant to me.

Then, if you want, please post this in your own LJ, if you’d be so kind, so that I can learn about your interests, too.
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