June 23rd, 2006


Photo Ideas

One of the reasons for someone to belong to some type of photographic association (local clubs, on-line sites) is stimuli. Ideas. Projects. Assignments. This is one of the reasons I'm playing on Flickr, even though there are other (and somewhat more user friendly) places to store photos on-line.

For example, group names which pop up for me today (not that I'm going to join all these groups; but they do give one ideas of things to look for):
- Green is Beautiful
- Unseen War (staging photos with toy soldiers to keep the toy box safe
- Altered Signs (finding signs which have been altered to convey somewhat different messages than originally intended)

And, some of the groups I do look at frequently:
- B&W (also spelled out, 2 groups)
- Medium Format
- TLR (a type of medium format camera)
- Studio Lighting (a subject I'm beginning to explore in detail)
- Home Studio (related to above)

There's more. Lots more. If you feel up to it, go visit www.flickr.com/photos/madshutterbug/. Or not. I know some of you do already.