July 3rd, 2006


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Run into town to acquire plywood & other supplies for matboard storage: check
Plywood cut for shelves: check
Plywood also cut & glued up for cutting guide: check (replaces an old one; these things are somewhat 'custom' to individual saws, and the old one was made for a saw which I gave to my brother-in-law when I inherited Dad's Porter-Cable. Which may have also been my grand-dad's not sure.
Discovered evidence the structure known as Studio 318 is no longer square/level: check (Then again, it's a 25 year old single-wide mobile. It doesn't leak, it's relatively level if not level (I'll check that today).

And, today I do not go to Hospital. More time in Studio; should have this matboard storage done this weekend. It's a good thing.
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