July 9th, 2006


Studio 318 Progress Physical Plant

Well, the mat board storage is done. Moved up to 1/2" ply for the shelves, with 5/8" for the top and bottom ones. Today will work on moving the mat boards themselves, as that will free up a good deal of space in the front room. Then I may need to think about a thourough cleaning again. But with space freed up, several things can clear out of the 'studio' room itself.

Plus, we cleared the old freezers off the back porch. This did two things for us; cleared space for a new chest freezer yet to be purchased, and once that's bought thawing and moving the other chest freezer that's outside the big house. Being on the porch, under a roof, will go a long ways to extending their service lifespans, and should also help decrease energy consumption. At least some. We'll also be moving the outside fridge over there.

The other thing it offered was space to work, which proved timely because the drum belt on the dryer died. That's now replaced, a fairly simple job if not easy (because of the way the belt is installed), and it is the third belt for that machine. Then again, the machine is about 10 - 12 years old. At least, I don't recall when we bought it, though I do recall buying it. The previous dryer was a Kenmore which Herself owned when we got together. Anyway, the dryer was only out of service a few days.

The office is ready to receive some more items as well; I need to move my library of old negatives and transparencies (slides) over. Curiously, I'm a bit reluctant to do this because we are in the start of the storm season, and they are at the moment packed in their 'evacuation' tubs. However, it needs to be done, and once there rather a bit of organization to catch up as well. The organization should actually help the proces of re-packing if necessary, because it should reduce the amount of volume needed. Right now there are a multitude of intact rolls that need to be cut down and put into negative wallets.

It should also free up a rolling platform that I'll want for other purposes, either in the office or in the studio. So it really needs doing.
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TV meme, snagged from cygnus via starcat_jewel. Bold the shows you've seen at least three episodes of, and italicize/capitalize/enlarge/colorize/otherwise indicate the ones you've seen all of. And hey, if the list is missing something, add it in.

NOTE: I will not necessarily claim that Italics mean I've seen all of a particular show; they do mean I've seen a lot of the particular show and possibly all of them. And a lot of the ones from my teen years (when my Dad purchased a television again, for a long time we didn't own one) I may have watched a lot of, or my parents may have watched a lot of them.

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I haven't plugged Masterpiece Theatre or Mystery in here; since they're regular shows but show different 'shows' as part of their process, I wasn't exactly sure how to list them. By the main title, or by the individual features which I like? So it goes.