July 17th, 2006


We Are Live!

And Running and running and running and running and running and running and running and...

Mostly it's been little quirky things. One big quirky thing, same thing happened when we originally went live with this system three years ago; that one's a DBA messup on our IT part. System opens up multiple connections to the database per instance of an application. DBA set the number of concurrent connections too low. Fixed it that time by increasing to a higher number. Copied that number over to the new system, didn't bother to ask if the upgrade also involved more connections per instance...

So yes, the live load test swamped the server for connections. *G* Fixed that by increasing the number, etc.
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Boss is sleeping. He worked very hard the past few days. I'm right here next to him keeping the cats away. Mrs Boss brought me to the house earlier today because the Big Thunder was looking for me.
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