July 20th, 2006



I've put away the work laptop; that's how I've been dealing with the upgrade, using my desktop PC to access through Citrix (The now old desktop PC closely matches the PC's in the OR's themselves. There's a new desktop next to it supposed to have the upgrade thick client on it but I'll switch later.) and the laptop to access the thick client. I'm done. I've done what testing I will do on the reports I need to test, and that's it. I even used the opportunity to test those reports to test some things on another problem that surfaced today with a single user/RN. Patient info is surpressed for that person... on one PC, in one room. Not apparently in other rooms.

They're special. I didn't figure out why yet. It will wait until Monday.

Because I am not coming to Hospital tomorrow. Hey, Houdini, BossStaysHomeDays start tonight. Well, except that Herself and I may need to go down to Deltona. Maybe I'll bring Houdini with us.