August 3rd, 2006


OK Then

For 3 years and a bit (rather a half year or so), I've been primarily working on my O.R. department's computer system (granted, I get pulled occasionally to wield the sharp edge in direct patient care, it's at least a 90/10 per cent thing). During that time I've been involved in decisions regarding hardware and software, and responsible for portions of the overall application. However, today is a milestone day in this professional process.

I just spent (first time submitting the PO) 12 Grand US$ of my employer's money on new PC's for the next step in our upgrade project.

Now, that's a small step. But an important one.
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OK Meme

Fine, I've been tagged (sort of) with at least one of these. So...

Six random facts about myself:

1: I raise much of what I eat, and I am not a vegetarian (does that qualify as two? tuff).

2: My rich Uncle brought me to Baja Jorja. For a job. You may have heard of him, his name is Sam.

3: Besides Herself, I live with four Border Collies and six cats. It can be a hairy experience.

I don't do a certain number. It's just odd, I know, but I don't do it.

5: I. Like. Chocolate.

6: I make photographs of naked people, and sometimes they even don't wear clothing.

So, there you have it. A half-dozen random, popped into my head before something else distracted me, facts. Did you read this? Tag, you're It.
If you've previously been tagged for this one, you're still It but you don't need to do this one again.
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