August 20th, 2006



Hospital is... hospital. Work progresses. Have been getting out earlier than pre-go-live with upgraded software, but not every day. Probably doesn't help that after our go-live (which pointed up some weakness in how our IT dept. is distributing access), the IT dept. also did an upgrade. Which didn't exactly fix things. Like, am I surprised?

Did a photo-shoot on Thursday, an interesting and fun session to provide some portraits, head-shots, and other needed portfolio work for someone local. Will be posting a few pieces sometime this week but first need to deliver the CD of the "raw data" to the interested parties. More on that later, probably behind a filter unless cleared otherwise.

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The rest of the evening passed without noticable incident.

Yesterday proved to be a day of rest, with a little other round the ranch work and a touch of studio (but only a touch). Today should be a bit more productive, albeit just as slow.

Herself wandered down the road yesterday for a family meeting, which hopefully proved productive. Also means I couldn't answer a couple questions which came up, those questions needing consultation with Herself as she will be the most involved in either point. Will see about answering those today.

Meanwhile, time to go.