September 9th, 2006


A Whole Week

I'd feel wrong except that I've been commenting around and about, bigmouth that I am.

Week at Hospital: it's the Fall again, number of cases is picking up again, people needing time off work to get children off to school, again. Spent a fair amount of time in OR's this past week, and what time not spent there I played catch-up with other deadlines. Far from all of them, but some.

Week at Ranch: Houdini evidently discovered one of my bath towels and put it to good use during the week. Rather a bit of rain, and one day of that with a lot of lightning and associated thunder. Herself described him sniffing at the towel, then pulling it off the bed and over his head, then laying down and napping.

Week of Photography: Not a lot. A wee bit more cataloging during the week, and a wee bit more this morning. I'm thinking I've not pulled all the images off the backup hard drive yet. Yhere are things I think I've scanned, which I don't find on the local hard drive. Of course, that backup is over in Studio 318 and I'm using House Office connections to get onto the 'Net. Plus, still need to get the thermostat wire over there repaired.

Quick summary, that. If you want more, go sort through the commentary on the Flist. Right now, it's time for other things. Hmm, what is on the Honey-Do list for this weekend?