September 11th, 2006


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I am... feeling spacy. Spacey? Spacie? What Ever. Didn't sleep well last night, caffeine isn't helping tho nor is it hurting. Got to Hospital early, and actually did get some things done. Little things, none of which require thought.

What does this bode for the day, I wonders.
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Otago Bay Sunset

Otago Bay Sunset
Otago Bay Sunset,
originally uploaded by Mad Shutter-bug.
This view of Otago Bay, New Zealand photographed just after sunset returning to our B&B in Dunedin from seeing the Penquins. Why, you might ask (or not) am I posting a photograph made five years ago tomorrow? Because due to the vagaries of the International Date Line it actually was today, at least in the sense that we woke up on 9/12 to the news of what currently transpired in NYC.

One more on Flickr, taken the morning of 9/11 New Zealand time. Follow the link above.
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