September 16th, 2006


Enquiring Minds

When is it clothing, and when is it costume?

This occured to me yesterday or day before, while browsing through a group on Flickr for Dragon Con 2006. Most of the photos are of the outfits which people wear (yes, I'm avoiding the word 'costumes' just yet). Looking at them is an exercise celebrating ingenuity, creativity, humour, drama, and humanity. With the word 'costume' being bandied about I felt somewhat out of sorts thinking of many of those outfits as costumes. The air of durability, and the attitude/expression/stance of the people wearing them, gave the lie to the word as I may frequently think of it. A costume is intended to disguise or delude and do so for a fairly inexpensive outlay of time and funds. It is for a short-term use, and hence the low investment is a good thing. I saw some of those. I saw a great deal which did not fit that description.

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'Cause, yanno, sometimes it is fun to dress up.
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