September 26th, 2006


Occasionally, There Is An Interesting Turn of Phrase

Generally I don't get much further than the subject line in the spam which my ISP filters don't catch. Occasionally, I do, and then somewhat more rarely there is a particular sentence which catches my interest. Usually because of some other interest, duh, but still. Some time back I took part in a small, annual (one weekend) writer's conference. One of the practice assignments for one of those meetings took a fairly well-known humour piece, 'Descriptions from Insurance Claims' which comprised some wacky explanations for the occurance necessitating an insurance claim.

The assignment was to use that description very straight-forwardly, as part of the opening paragraph in a science fiction piece. Accept it at face value, as an honest description of something that happened... but not something quite normal.

This morning I read the following:

So while the Civic Platform party may not be able to get earthpeople to vote for them, they apparenlty can get extraterrestrials to listen.

[ETA]: And since this is in the overall subject of spam, this just in (at my work addy, no less):

Trantor's Sun shone more comfortable but, to present; took a
Trantor? Trantor is you have covahed presented it? I forgot.

Trantor? Hmm. Kin Yew Say, Foundation Trilogy?
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