September 30th, 2006



Today, I will be doing the Ranch Watch for the morning. We will need to do a run to the feed mill for goat feed. With the temperatures what they are, this means there will be some happy dogs. I smell rides in their future.

Today Herself is going to memorial services for a local member of the SCA who died recently. Mercy and eternal rest grant unto him.

Today I could run into G'ville and pick up B&W prints I required, though I'm not sure I will. At least two of them I should also like to get mounted, matted, and framed. Their framing people won't be there today, will be there Monday. That's why I may not run into G'ville today.

Today I will work on my photos from last Sunday at Kanapaha. We've seen Herself's photos. It's going to be fun to compare.

Tomorrow... is SUSHI!