October 10th, 2006


Vehicles & Packing & Such

Forrest NissanPickup is once again relatively whole, hale, and hearty. Relatively whole because I do need to replace the front left turn/parking light fixture, as well as the rear light unit; cracked lens in both instances, and the front is now corroded sufficiently that the bulbs no longer make contact. He has a new starter, and the brace light switch is replaced thus fixing the short in the brake light circuit. And just for principle, fresh oil, new oil filter, brake fluids checked & topped. At 168,000 plus miles, he's ready for the next 50,000.

Two more kids yesterday early evening; we were heading out to pick up the Pickup and a calzone, and there they were. Pretty obvious that kidding 'just came upon' the doe. She's one of our multiparous does, though, and did great with the kids. By the time we got back (about 25 - 30 minutes) she'd gotten them moved along a good 300 feet to catch up with the herd. We helped her move them into the maternity pen, and all is good. So far.

Bags are packed and in the rental, which is parked at work. Over time, for many of these extended trips I've found that a budget rental is usually way less expensive than even off-site airport parking. In this instance it's actually Budget Rental, as well, and it's the Chevy version of the PT Cruiser. It's nice enough and I'm glad for the opportunity to try drive one, but I'm not overly impressed with the vision-ability. Large 'blind spots' on both sides in the rear-view mirrors, and the forward visibility is restricted as well by size of windshield, size of roof posts on both sides, and placement of that same rear-view mirror.

Admittedly, I could be well and truly used to the amount of vision-ability from Sydney SubaruOutback, which is outstanding. However there are limits. And while I accept these designs are 'homage's' to the designs of the late '30's early 40's, I've driven cars from those eras and their vision-ability is much better.

Double-checked everything for an otter stow-away, and nothing/nobody found as of this morning just before leaving for work. I depart for Orlando and points west (yes, I know Orlando is south of me; gotta go south first to the airport) after work today. Said my good-byes to Houdini on the way out. Poor Border Collie Bros. Mamma Mudge is so in heat. And all she wants is Michael...
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On the Road Again

Left work much later than I’d intended, almost an hour and a half. Stopped twice, once at Taco Hell for solid fuel, once at Best B for a travel surge protector. Merged onto I-75 at about 18:00 - 18:15. Uneventful drive down interstate and turnpike onto Bee Line toll road. Here’s where the adventure begins.

Not so much with the signage at the exit, and wasn’t in the proper lane to take my right turn right away. Went out of my way, passed the place once when I found N Frontage Road, turned around, passed it again, turned and went through the airport which allowed me to determine where I need to go tomorrow morning (Terminal A, look for the Budget return). Back out, and found the place, still turning the long way to get in. Oh well.

Tomorrow morning, turn right and right and to the airport.
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