October 14th, 2006


When Thoughts Occur

It's early; light enough that I can see the ridgeline on the opposite side of the lake but only barely. I've been getting up before the alarm goes off, probably a sign that I'm not totally on Pacific time. No worries. So I'm reading the courtesy newspaper (yesterday's) while sitting on the Throne, and the thought perculates through...

There's these two bottles of wine, courtesy of Air Alaska Flight 9 Flight Crew; one of them I'll give away as a present, but one I want to take home for Herself. And, wine being a fluid, isn't on the current carry-on list.

That's right. Forget the three ounce ruling (which these bottles exceed anyway). Forget the cork and the foil sealer. Not on the list.

Futz. Well, guess I stop at the desk and ask about shipping...
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Saturday Evening

Two full days of seminar, complete; the majority is done. We're past the half-way point. A few folk already left, needing to be someplace for work sooner than leaving tomorrow after Closing Session would allow. It's an interesting feeling, one I suspect some (if not all) my Nursing colleagues who read this will recognize. A good conference, with great energy, excellent speakers and sessions, actual questions during the question-answer periods, and did I mention the great energy? Yah. And it's palpable, too... it's winding down. We're nearing the end.

Tonight is a wine-tasting social event, and I'm going, if only because there will also be food there. Yes, just that cynical, though I'll also try some of the wines. And the weather predictions are following truly, with overcast moving in today. This evening was an interesting sort of overall monochromatic bluishness between the overcast and some haze out over the lake. Mind you, that still provided an interesting series of evening photos. The boats on the lake didn't hurt.

I really should of been working on some photos, but instead I took the laptop out onto the balcony with me and surfed the web. Oh, the rough life, sitting on a balcony, tripping the shutter periodically with the remote, drinking beer and surfing. Yah. Rough.

There's a family here, an extended family, holding a picnic out by one of the pools. Not near to my room, directly, but visible from that balcony. They're enjoying a big time and good food. There's also a wedding party here this evening, holding their reception over in the ballrooms we were using earlier for our luncheon and meetings. The happy couple made their vows out on the lakeshore.

Tomorrow's weather forcast calls for more overcast, increasing chance of rain, highs in the 50's, lows tomorrow night in the 30's. I'll be doing some walking about following closing tomorrow, but we'll wait to see how much. In the early afternoon, following closing, I'm off to the spa for a massage.

And I know the dates for next year's Mini-Congress, too. So before I leave, I'll be arranging for my reservation. A lot of the people here seem surprised that I'll travel across country for this conference. To their minds, it's their local, their state conference. Why would I come all the way to the Pacific Northwest from Florida?

Because there are great speakers, good sessions with lots of energy. And the scenery, and light, for a photographer is To Die For. Even when there's rain.
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