October 19th, 2006


Home Again, Home Again

And starting to feel not quite jet-lagged. Good trip. Good to be home. Great to be welcomed by Herself with beeeeeeeg hugs, and by Da Border Collies with the WagginBoddyHappyDance! Yes, I missed you guys too. So today with the laundry, and packing again for another weekend seminar, but this one within driving distance.

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But Ihave been to Canada. Many times! Not so much with the Cult of Cthulu tho. I will state that due to supression of graphics in my e-mail (my choice, and partially due to the Joy's of Dial-Up, which I am experiencing today) I have no idea what the picture/text-in-graphic message that came along with this exhibited.

Oh, and the Vino for Herself made it safely home with me, and Herself is muchly appreciative of same. *EG*
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