November 24th, 2006


Thanksgiving Day After

Quiet day here on the Ranch. Herself is off to a local SCA and is providing feast, so her day yesterday combined hauling some things out to the site (pre-cooked). I cooked dinner.

Yes, folks, moi cooked. Don't very often, as with a nose which doesn't work so well for detecting odors/scents, cooking is... lacking something. But I do know how, and I so periodically. With only the two of us to feed, we didn't do turkey. Did do a teriyaki marinade chicken on the rotisairy (and did I spell that correctly?), along with garlic mashed potatoes (though not so much from scratch) and dressing.

We were both quite happy with the outcome.

Today we loaded up the pickup after Herself finished up with some of the pre-cooking. Well, and I helped on that too, the last round of rolls left in a warm oven to rise, and at the designated time I turned the oven on to bake them. Herself needed to make two trips anyway, one to finish taking out the pre-cooked portions and one for her personal gear.

I remain behind to take care of the Ranch. Tomorrow will be a feed run for cow and goat. Today I got in some reading. And rested.

For that, and for friends, and for health, I am thankful.
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