December 14th, 2006


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This Saturday coming up, the O.R. where I work at Hospital will be celebrating the holidays. The Bossy One wants to provide the people who attend the opportunity to purchase 'Memory photos' of the good times. She did this last year as well, hiring a local photographer. This year, the Bossy One's Boss is scrooging on the party business, but the Bossy One is viewing it as an opportunity for Creative Book-keeping. In short, there will be party.

And, there will be Photographer. Namely and to whit (risking dislocating my shoulder here): Myself. And in pursuit of this goal I've acquired another tool toy for my photography, a new electronic flash unit. Now in one way, I don't need this, as I've got four others already not counting the one built-in to the Nikon D70s. However, the new one will work together with the built-in flash on the D70s in either a programmed or automatic manner, which will simplify the lighting problem at Party. I'm big on simplify.

See, the other four units are all manual; they're also rather older but that's not the major issue. It's that manual part. Also, three of them require Alternating Current or they don't work. Not battery powered, nor do I exactly have portable power for them. But mostly, the manual. They work really nice in studio type settings, because then I've the time to also calculate the light output for where they're positioned in relation to both subject and camera. Photographing Party will be much like the fellow who photographs the wedding reception after the big brough-ha-ha in the church or synagog or masque, eh? All about being Scarlet Pimpernel and such.

Anyway. So I've acquired this new flash unit, and though I'm not always big on Gotta Go Brand Name, in this instance I did. Why? Because I've not done a lot of research on the other manufacturer's equivalent equipment, and I know this will work (it's Brand, after all), and it will work with the least amount of study/integration. In fact, I've spent about three hours between reading the manuals (wait... did I hear some gasping breaths out there because a guy is reading manuals? Get Over It.) and working with the equipment. Really, about an hour of working with the equipment.

And so I now am able to say, to all my arty, photography friends out there...


'K, I'll Get On Board

On the twelfth day of Christmas, madshutterbug sent to me...
Twelve fatfreds drumming
Eleven lolleeroberts piping
Ten cmpriests a-leaping
Nine bears dancing
Eight mountains a-fencing
Seven words a-nursing
Six books a-dancing
Five pi-i-i-irates
Four rabid marmosets
Three border collies
Two new orleans
...and a wood in a poetry.
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but, nothing from The Bros.
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