January 1st, 2007


Happy New Year

And a fine time was enjoyed by all...

Well, OK, there will be a bit more detail. We loaded up Sydney SubaruOutback and headed down the road about 18:40 for the Horse Arena over in Anthony, where we shared New Years Eve Night with friends from the Shire. Houdini came with us, because in this part of North Central Baja Jorja, there will be either fireworks, or gunfire, or both on New Years Eve. I felt a lot more comfortable with my ability to keep him relatively calm than in his new Magic Talisman, even though I gave that to him. And in the long run, this proved to be a good plan. He's currently at my feet as I type this.

The plan was 'finger foods' and we brought cheese plates with sliced proscuitto and pepperoni; real Italian pepperoni made by real Italians. Also on the smorgasbord we observed (but did not taste) the traditional tiny weenies (even Houdini turned his nose up at one of those... go figure), sliced turkey, ham, and beef, small loaves of sliced breads, tons of various types of crackers, and oh a lot more. We didn't starve, and brought home leftovers too.

Left the site about 00:20 and drove into heavy rain getting home, with more Big Thunder and once again it proved easier to simply bring Houdini to the Big House rather than try our luck with the Magic Talisman in his new house. Today's forecast calls for scattered thundershowers in the morning, and potential rain all day.

Goats did not, apparently, kid during the rain. That actually surprises me. This morning there is coffee, and a Houdini, and an earlier short period of time up and out of bed to take him out for Duties, and put the cheese trays (left in the Subaru overnight) into the refrigerator in Studio 318. The latter is how I know goats did not kid; they are gathered next to the Maternity Pen (as well as inside it) which is right by Studio 318, and I observed them through the windows. Then I went back to bed for another hour and a bit.

Thus passed New Year's Eve into New Year's Day in our part of North Central Baja Jorja.
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