January 25th, 2007


Food Pr0n

This past weekend Herself & I made a provisions run to the local large-volume low price place we use. They were doing the usual in the food department of having samples available for taste-testing. So of course I availed myself of this service. One of the things I tasted is a pre-done dish, pasta with Mexican cheese sauce chicken dish. Pretty tasty. Nice bit of zing to it. Checked the ingredients: yup, pasta, cheese sauce, green chili peppers and green jalapeno peppers.

Herself and jalapeno's don't get along well. That's one reason we didn't buy it. However, we nattered back and forth about it while completing our shopping trip. At home already, the penne pasta and alfredo sauce. In our cart (it's one of our staples) canned shredded chicken. Picked up yesterday on the way home, Four Cheese Mexican mix, and canned, chopped green chili peppers (Herself and chili peppers are OK with each other). Baked up our own KP Ranch Country Kitchen version last night.

First round response, tastes were there but missing the zing. Well, yeah, no jalapenos. Tried adding some ground white pepper. Ahhhhhhh. There's the zing!

Leftovers for lunch today.
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