January 29th, 2007


Just A Quckie

Wrapped up at Hoggetowne after closing, 18:00; saw fatfred, aka Both Skippy & Fat Fred, along with MK, safely on the road. Don't worry, Skippy, we'll got those corners propped. Helped Herself finalize the packing & load some things for home, then proceeded there. Fed Teh Horses on the way in, then the Border Collie Bros & Mamma Mudge, then Herself fed the boi kidlets while I fed the girl kidlet, and then we fed ourselves, and then...

Sleep. Ah, perchance to Sleep. Because 05 Dark Hunnert came much too early today and off to Hospital. Maybe more soon, maybe later. Pleasantries to mention, and popperaussie had a great time schmoozin' with Fat Fred, and experimenting with my camera, and... other things.
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Hoggetowne, Some Thoughts, Some Photos

Weekend in a nutshell:

Up to damn early. Out to feed the Ranch critters, while Herself trundled on down the road to Faire. Followed after, helped Skippy of fatfred sell puppets. Back home in the evening, fed the kidlets and the Bros. Crashed. Up too damn early again and did it one more time.

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I'm not being totally fair. There've been some really cool things over the years. This year, though, the energy levels felt really low. I know Skippy says she did OK and she did. But then again, I've been with her at Hoggetowne a number of years, and I can recall much better opening weekends, much better sales. And I know ichthyus was really excited by her first jewelery sale. Overall, my big thing is it's time I get to spend with friends, helping them do something that makes parts of their year better (extra spending $$ is always good), with opportunities to play off each other as well.

snookum, you were missed. Would've helped a lot to have another set of eyes and hands to help keep those otterz under control.
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