January 31st, 2007


Oh Well

Flickr is not feeling well this morning. Very slow to do anything. It's not a connection problem as other windows are just peachy, and other apps are ticking along. Only Flickr. C'est la vie. I'll check things out later.

ETA: Afternoon, 13:30 to be exact, and still Flickr is not well. Alas. Alack. Oh well.

I Must Be A Closet

Flickr Addict. Well, not totally. However, it's been an Unhappy Flickr day here. Whether or not something changed with IT (they periodically decide something Is No Longer Fit For Consumption and make accessing it via the Internet difficult to impossible) or it's something with the Flickr site, I dunno. However, takes it forever to load, often doesn't and I get the Site Not Found Microshaft message, or loads but not ll the images will load. I've seen the dreaded RedEx's on other people's LJ pages where they've uploaded from Flicr, so?

Ah, well. Hopefully going home soon.
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