February 6th, 2007


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Think of a haiku
As a photograph: movement
in time realised.

Five sylables
Or four, six or seven...
Aha! moment.

The Flickr Group's name is 'Haiku Me! (Post 1 and Haiku the Previous 1); a discussion question posted about the formality of haiku. In Japanese, the poem form is 5/7/5 sylables. Keep in mind, though, that the Japanese language is based on sylables rather than letters. They are descended from a form call Renga, which alternated two stanzas, 7/7 sylables and 5/7/5 sylables. Usually strongly associated with a reference to Nature, and equally strongly associated with Zen Buddhism, the latter provides one of the particularly unique aspects of the poem form: a point in time spinning around realisation/enlightenment.
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