March 18th, 2007


The Big Ottarz

Good days so far. Left O-town about 13:30 and arrived in St. Pete area an hour and a half later; missed most of the nasty Tampa traffic. Stashed my gear at Skippy's place (Skippy was BARFing, Kid's Day), chatted up kenshusei via cell, and then another old friend of mine (not on LJ) and went to meet her for dinner. BackFin Blue, in Gulfport, is Teh Die For seafood.

Yesterday, both of them from fatfred, and rosewildeirish and I headed out to BARF. Helped Skippy get up and running then started wandering the Faire. Checked in with them periodically if they needed help, and to drop off schwag. Also, firesmith arrived about, well, early afternoon. He and I wandered the Faire through the afternoon looking at all sorts of interesting things; firesmith admits he will never be the same... I'll let him tell his own story though.

Evening off to Crazy Buffet to celebrate someone(who shall remain nameless but who's LJ handle is rosewildeirish)'s birthday and overdose on Sushi! Then back to Skippy's where we discoverd more Ottar Debauchery underway...

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The rest of the gang is already off to BARF again today, but I will be heading Back to the Ranch after availing myself of Skippy's DSL network connection and a shower. Oh, and Houdini? I'll be coming home today. Should be home in a few hours.

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I Am Home

Berated by a quartet of kids who aren't happy they're being weaned. Mobbed by a quartet of Border Collies happy to see me. Hugged by Herself. Staggered around a bit starting laundry & giving away a couple presents.

If I sit still too long, I'll be asleep.

Thanks to all who partook for the great time this past weekend.
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