June 3rd, 2007


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It was a weekend.

Thursday-Friday night, Squrrl (of all dogs) popped his line. Not a big problem, as he simply stayed home, and probably chased off whatever was bothering the goats. So toward the end of an otherwise Day the news was added to it that Squrrl needed a new line. KthxCanDo.

Saturday... it rained. Glorious rain. Tropical Storm Barry wept upon us and the grasses are grateful. Saturday evening after the rain passed, I gave Squrrl his new line and he was happy.

Saturday night... Squrrl popped is line. Whatever he chased off this time, our next-door-ranch-neighbor found him out in the middle of County Highway 241 (so, upwards of a kilometer/half mile from home). Fortunately, on Sunday mornings 241 doesn't have a lot of traffic. Also fortunately, our neighbor recognised Squrrl and brought him home. Needless to say, tomorrow I will revisit the store wherefrom the line was purchased, with line and receipt in hand. The lines we use are rated for dogs up to 225 pounds (that's a shade over 100 kilograms, eh?) For a 60 pound Border Collie to pop a brand new one? Hmm.

Today, errand running with Herself. Herself is happy. Errands involved prepatory work for redoing flooring through about half the house, and early prepatory work to renovate the kitchen. Squrrl is in his kennel (instead of out with the goats...); dinner is consumed, and I am off for a hot soak.