June 17th, 2007


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I entertained high hopes for this weekend and making a post about art and phenomenon. This weekend would be optimal, because of timeliness. Also to work on some more photos, either cataloging or actual image work, but as you've seen so far it hasn't happened. Instead my weekend turned into... nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Well, OK, not total Zilch. Did get in a feed run yesterday for the cows. Two, actually, as the clerk at the farm supply rang up the wrong item for part of the order. I needed to go back to the Ranch for the original invoice, though, to exchange it. That done, the cows are happy. Or will be this morning, because all they got yesterday evening at feed unloading time was opportunity to make cow boo-boo faces. Feh on them.

Also, not total Nada, as I've spent wonderful time with the Bros. Smudge is doing guard post at night out with the goats, so he's getting reward time during the day. Houdini is happy because, according to him, I'm keeping the Big Thunder away. Frankly, I wouldn't mind some more rain, with or without thunder. But Houdini is happy. Squrrl either twisted a fore-paw joint, or just acted like it to get his attention dose, but whatever. A bit of reiki to a dogs paw, no problem.

Other than that, lots of simply flopped time. I expect it's due to the amount of energy I'm spending at Hospital, not totally in productive matters, and consequences thereof. I think it's starting to do things to my blood pressure too. Well, as I've mentioned (cryptically, admittedly, but that's all you get right now) there is change in the relatively near future. What change is still undetermined.

Hey, thatwordgrrl, you can call your bats home any time now, eh?

So from perusing the ol' Reader's List (oops, I guess that's supposed to be Friends List...) it seems that all, for me, is pretty much on a par with all of you. Things are happening, some good, some less so, but all happening. I expect this is, truly, much better than at least one alternative.