June 29th, 2007


Hoo Boy

Today is going to be interesting. Major network outage. Can access the Intarwebs, Hospital e-mail, and applications loaded on the PC; can not access network resources which includes the OR application for which I'm one of the adminsitrators and several others we use.

Yes. Interesting.

We got the day rolling. In a wonderful sense of serendipity our network down-time protocols are actually working! We may have network back by 11:00. Do you see me turning blue from holding my breath?

Noon. Noon is the time for all good networks.

Meanwhile, lunch.

And here we are at the 13:00 hour, with half of our OR work back up. Unfortunately (for the OR in general) it's the half of the system that's in the Test environment (rather than the Production environment) which means I can work on some projects but everyone else is still Pushing Pens on Paper.

Current ETA for fully functional network? Start of BossStaysHomeDays. *G*
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So, without going into a lot of details (partly because I don't have a lot, partly because that's not such a good idea), here I am still at Hospital. Estimated time to restored network?

Well, sort of now. Some things are coming back up. Going to do this in small doses, you see.

Why am I still here? Need to validate data against corruption. Need to help get the recovery plan started (fortunately, don't need to be here for all of the recovery).

It's a good thing this doesn't happen every day.

Remind me again, why I wanted to go into Nursing Informatics?
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'K. 19:52 local time. Network back up, data integrity checked, looks like that side of the recovery worked. I go home now.
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