August 12th, 2007


Welcome to August in Baja Jorja

Hot. Humid. It's a cliche phrase, but it truly can feel like walking into either a sauna or a wall.

Yesterday we finished up with Ranch chores about 13:30, due to needing to make a feed run before being able to feed. Felt wilted and wasted for a couple hours afterwards. Postponed on a run into the grocery store until nearly 17:00 for that reason, and even then it was whuff walking out the door. Shade helps. One can feel the temperature drop by walking into shade.

Today, despite being up from 03:00 to 05:00 or so, then sleeping until 08:30 or so, I finished up the Ranch chores by 10:00 or so, and in much better shape. Mostly because I took care of everyone who was out in direct sun first. And kept to the shade with Houdini as much as possible. Feeding and watering the chickens (a.k.a. DirtyYardBirds) is still bearable at that point because they are billeted in the shade of numerous oaks. And watering them is a good thing, because one's arms get wet as well. The mosquitos may not be much fun, but they seemed to like Mamma Mudge a bit better than me.

Then back inside. Whuff. Today we estivate. I've been catching up with book-keeping, and a couple photo projects I've entertained for a bit. A good portion of my LJ icons are personal work; I'm prepping a series of posting the original photo along with the icon, so folk can see where the icon came from.

But don't hold your breath. Even inside, it's slow work today.