August 24th, 2007



Been rather quiet from a posting point of view; making comments (as if you hadn't noticed...) is one thing. I like to read (one of the reasons for LJ) and write (the other). Time, lately, is been eaten up by other projects. Some of them gainful employment. Others not so much.

Eh, such is life. It's always like that.

One of the interesting things over the past week, is shopping. What favourite stores, you ask? Not that kind. We need to replace the 'heavy hauler' for the Ranch. The old hauler, RyuuMaru, is a dead 1984 3/4 ton Chevy van. Like, we'll get more for that as a donation to a high school (or other) shop class than as a trade-in. Bones from NCC-1701 would say something like, "I'm a doctor, not a bloody internal combustion mechanic. It's dead, Jim."

Our Nissan pickup provides good service, though at 188,000 miles is in need of some attention. Also, it's a half-ton truck, an honest half-ton, and an honest truck because it's frequently been loaded with more than a half-ton. Don't ask him to try to race under those conditions, that four-banger engine will get you down the road but not like Pernelli Jones at the Indi 500.

Forrest NissanPickup hauled quite a bit of dead pig to butchers, and lots of feed and hay to Ranch. Forrest NissanPickup won't handle the horse trailer. Period.

So Sunday we drove over to Ocala and looked at full-size pickup trucks. I'd told Herself we need a diesel for what we're looking to do, haul horses and other livestock. Initially she wasn't sure (diesel's are LOUD, don't you know. Well, actually, there's been a lot of work on that. Diesel pickup trucks aren't as loud as all that, any more). After making a point to roll down the window and listen to several diesel pickups as we drove by/around/with them, she started to lean toward well maybe.

I'd told her which company I though we'd wind up buying from. "You serious? You know that means found on road dead, though." Her granddad retired from Oldsmobile, my dad from Chevrolet. I very gently pointed out that we own a Ford 8N tractor, older than either of us, which is rather reliable. Besides, my Dad once pointed out the biggest reason he purchased Chevy had to do with employee discounts more than anything else. Ford would be out of business if they didn't make a good product.

So we looked at Chevy's, and GMC's (same truck, really), and Dodge. On Sunday. And she gasped with Sticker Shock. But that's part of the process. Besides, you can't start dickering until you know the price.

Wednesday after work, we went and looked at Fords. And test drove a Ford.

No, we've not bought one yet. But we're definitely looking for diesels now, not gasoline anymore. And yes, there will be more to report later.

Because we need that heavy hauler.
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