September 18th, 2007

Ninja Pyrates!

Home, Home On the Ranch

We arrived alive back at the Ranch at Wee Oh Dark Hundred this morning; staggered out of the rental, made a warm but brief hello to all the Border Collies, threw some food at the Kitnz of Apocalypse et al (out of sheer survival mode), and fell into bed.


It wonderful! Well, people wonderful. Vegas fun. Will probably "Do Vegas" again some day, there's more to see. But this Rancher is glad to be back at the Ranch.

Definitely people wonderful. Meeting folks one's gotten to know through corresponance is a gas. How close does the 'voice in my head' for what they sound like match the Voice coming out of their mouths? Now, that's purely a sound thing, because all of the folk I've met first via corresponance (like, here on LJ) match the 'Voice' as written. Which is to say, people pretty much are people, and while there are the nasties about it's a Good Bet that they'll be like they are here on LJ when one meets them face to face.

Dredd Phredd Ot-tar quickly discovered that Vegas is a place that never sleeps... just passes out now and then. Saturday and Sunday nights he was out all night, got back to the hotel room about the time we woke up. Monday morning he showed up wearing a cowboy hat with an extraordinarily pleased look on his drunken face.

I don't want to know.