December 30th, 2007


(no subject)

It is raining. Just that, raining. Been threatening all day. Friend of ours lives in Hoggetowne moved today, though we just learned about it to-day so we didn't go to help. Not that I'd of been able to help. Much. Some friends of ours did go to help.

I know this because they called to leave a message about coming over after helping with the move. Haven't seen them yet; called back and left a message 'OK'. Somewhere around 14:00 is when they should of been home. So it's not too late yet. Though it is raining.

Laundry done; folded, put away, D.U.N. So, a laid back day. I've got more receipt filing to do. I've also got other things to do. Instead, I'm here. Not for much longer, yet, here.

It's New Year's Eve Eve.