January 5th, 2008


Re-cap or Cap or Just a Hat

First week back to work after parting company with Mr Stone. Actually, first three days back, since Tuesday was a holiday and I didn't go to work the day before the holiday. Survived quite nicely, I suppose. This included a few very cold nights, something that happens here in North Central Baja Jorja around this time of year, occasionally. Cold enough to be concerned about frozen pipes and water points for livestock. All that survived nicely as well.

Today we made rounds, and treated one kid who looked less than perky. Vitamins, minerals, some de-wormer and de-louser treatments (three internal, one external), and we'll keep an eye on her. The rest of them did well through the cold. The maternity pen has a shelter in it, and everyone bedded down in there that's in the pen; windbreak to the north, and bedding hay, plus an overhead. The free-rangers bedded down outside the maternity pen, but next to the goats within, taking advantage of that windbreak. Horses, Cows, Pigs, and Border Collies all did fine.

This evening we go out to dinner, to a local SCA event, St. Benet's. So I've got to dig out some of my Japanese clothing, as it's a dress-up affair, don't you know.

Monday, follow-up appointment with urologist and hopefully the stent comes out. Thus will all the saga of Mr Stone be about wrapped up.

Time for lunch.