January 15th, 2008


Feeling... New

So second day in new position. Not a radical experience, but still some eye-openers on the whole Novice-Expert continuum. After all, I know I've the knowledge to do this work, and skills as well. Except, of course, that most of the applications I'll be working with are new to me. So there are new, specific skills to learn.

And being as I'm in a Nursing Systems Analyst position, and this is considered a managment position, it means that the privileges I've got in those applications are such that, really, I could like Totally Hose The House. So when venturing outside the 'Test' or 'Train' environments, I'm generally tip-toeing through the tulips. I am Ninja. See, I only look. No Touchee.

On the other hand, I've not got access to the apps I need, less one, and also they are installed on the workstation. It's a venerable workstation; I've heard rumours that it may be replaced sometime soon. A bit slow at times. Still, I'm happy. I've a desk, a workstation, and I can do my work.

Which, mostly right now, involves some learning.

Though it would be nice to have Media Player or something to be able to listen to some music while reading. Perhaps tomorrow will you will see me iShuffle, since Vernerable Workstation can't play music.