February 1st, 2008



Today is Payday, and it's the first paycheck in the new position. Because the new position is salaried, in theory every paycheck from here out (unless deductions are changed for some reason) should be the same amount. I'll wait to see if this is indeed the case or not.

A couple of projects came my way this past week; even though I'm still on 'oreintation' it is time for things to do. Let's face it, unless I'm actually using the nursing documentation program every day, I'm about as proficient as I'm going to get with it, and of the other three applications I'm responsible for, one I used while still with the OR. The other two I'm also at the point of, I'm about as proficient as I'm going to get with them, given what I need to do.

One of the projects which came my way is a bit of scut work, but that's OK as it also gets me out onto the units and starts me getting to know people I'll need to know for the other project. The IT department here is pushing a password synchronisation app, which does exactly that, synchronises passwords across the network. It's not single sign-on (log in once, get into all apps), just all the passwords are the same. Only, not 100%. Yet. Still for the RN's on the units, it's covering at least 50% of the apps they need to log into. And when the usual 'It's time to change your password' notice comes along, it'll still take care of that 50%. Also it will only come along every 4 months instead of every 2 months.

The other project is a bit bigger, and I'm not quite ready to talk much about it, excepting only this is one of the reasons I am interested in this new position, a chance to make an impact on workflow and, possibly, workload.

So, for three weeks into the new job... Life is Good.