February 3rd, 2008


What I Did On My Weekend Off

Got up early on Saturday morning; no earlier than any other workday, but Saturday isn't supposed to be a workday get up early kind of thing. Out to feed Teh Ranch by 07:15, because Herself is off to SCA Trimaris Arts/Sciences, there to compete in the Iron Chef thing. By 08:15 all Birds, Bovines, Goats (including two bottle-baby kids), Hogs, and Horses fed. By 08:45 I'm cleaned up, and on the road for a little daytrip to Orlando.

Off to Orlando for a FCORN meeting, the state-level for my professional association which I cleverly volunteered to fill out a ballot on last year (there was someone running opposite me, I figured them to win. I did vote for them) only to be selected. Arrived about a half-hour late for the meeting due to traffic on the Turnpike in Orlando. Still torn up for construction, even if the workers aren't out there on the weekends. Ah well, a good meeting.

Back home via a scenic route, not taking the Turnpike/I-75 because it's been ages since I drove US 441. Which used to be a nice rural drive. Orlando is now grown into Eustice is now grown into Leesburg and even north of Leesburg, it's not much country anymore. All growed up until one nearly gets to Ocala. Still and all back to teh Ranch by 17:30, just in time to feed a couple bottle-baby goats, horses, bovines, and of course the Border Collie Bros and Mamma Mudge.

Then me. I ate leftovers. Yummy beef sausage crumbles with wasabi horseradish sauce, and leftover potato salad. Oh, and before I could eat that I needed to apologise to Mean Old Mary Kitty for abandoning her all day. She felt much put out without any monkey companionship. While I say that sounding (I hope) humourus, there is a serious overtone to it. After Herself's mother died, Mary Kitty lived at that house still for another three months, with sporadic human companionship until Herself bundled her up and brought her to teh Ranch.

Mary likes it here. She terrorises all the KitnzOfApocalypse, and their older brother Raz Mewson, and even Grayling the Wandering Tom who checks in with us on a very regular basis. Grayling defers to Mean Old Mary Kitty; I guess he figures anyone (without front claws) that's willing to take on a tomcat just isn't worth fussing with.

Oh, did I mention the frost on the ground and the frozen rainwater in the tops of the feed barrels Saturday morning?

This morning was nicer, in that it was warmer. No frost. Just a persistant mist all during feeding time, which didn't start until nearly 08:30 because by grumbly I did sleep in today. The sun broke through the clouds by 10:00 though, and Herself arrived home safely around 15:00. She didn't win the Iron Chef, but did bring home some nice baubles which were the consolation prizes.

Tonight, it's Leftover Roast Beast from that very same Iron Chef Trimaris. Should be good.