February 22nd, 2008

Ninja Pyrates!

More Ning.

I did a couple things last night I've not done in a long time.

I forgot to set my alarm, and then I didn't wake up before the alarm should of gone off anyway. Woke up, stretched, rolled over to look at Herself's alarm (I use my cell phone, which is showing signs of age and no longer displays the current time) thinking it should be about time for the alarm. Herself's clock stolidly showed me 06:00.

This is about an hour later than I normally get up during the work week. Now, Herself doesn't keep the alarm set to the current time. Usually it's a bit fast. I got up and went to check the time in the kitchen (clock is only a few minutes fast) to verify that indeed my body clock woke me an hour later than normal.

Just to rub things in for my other friends that work at daytime, though, I made it to work on time without needing to scramble. I get up as early as I do mostly to make the morning less of a scramble than otherwise. The biggest part of it involves leaving early so as to avoid school busses on the road. Indeed, this morning two yellow boxes almost caught me, but they put on their flashing lights close enough that I couldn't stop safely. Rear-view showed me to be a good 100 ft/30 metres past them before the "Stop" sign swung out from the side.

A lesser reason I drive in so early is getting a closer parking place. That's truly a lesser reason though. In absolutely inclement weather, I'll use the Hospital Shuttle bus system; otherwise I walk, in an effort to maintain my svelt figure.

Even given a later departure time and parking in a further away garage, I made it to work on time. Again, there's a couple of reasons for that. The first, and greater reason is my work hours don't 'start' until 07:30 or 08:00, depending on who one asks. The second is, being salaried those work hours are sort of loosely defined anyway. I'll be paid for 40 hours each week. If the work is done in less than that, probably OK unless the work is done in a lot less than that which means I don't have enough work. If the work requires more than that either we're at the go-live of an implementation or upgrade, or I'm not doing something correctly.

Still, I figured I'd be later into the office than my office-team, and stopped to pick up coffee and breakfast because, hey, it's Friday, I'm not-late late, so futz. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to a room full of air and office furntiture.

Yup. It's Friday.