February 24th, 2008



Bit wet yesterday, but dried up for a run into town for groceries and supplies. No dog could go with me on that one, as there were two stops and I'm not eager to leave a dog unattended in a car with groceries. Particularly cheese. Herself and I got sucked into watching The Wild on Sky TV last night; rather fun in a mindless manner.

And a run for feed today, which I could be accompanied by a dog. However, not so much with the happy about the particular feed store as they were nearly out of the cattle feed we use. There are other things about this particular business we've gotten less than satisfied about, mostly involving their feed inventory. It's a long boring story, but it's why we switched to another feed outlet which is also a bit closer to the Ranch. This place, however, isn't open on Sundays, and closes at 13:00 on Saturdays, and well we didn't make it yesterday. Rain, open pickup trucks, and paper feed bags is not the greatest of combinations.

Herself is in pre-event mode, getting ready for a major SCA event called Gulf War (not to be confused with that all-expenses-paid tour of the Persian Gulf region by any means). So I've been sidetracked from other chores to help with pavilion setup, cleanup, and such. Nothing too extreme, though I'd like to get some photographic sorting done this weekend in order to take advantage of a printing sale at the lab I use. Probably will this evening.

Just now, it's about time to go feed the cows, horses, and then the Bros for the evening.