March 3rd, 2008



originally uploaded by Mad Shutter-bug.
Yesterday proved too nice a day to stay inside, or even to work on things outside. So I picked up the camera and called Houdini and the two of us went on a bit of a tramp on teh Ranch. Thinking the D70 had no card in it, I started to put one in and stopped. Card. Already loaded.

I'd put in one of my longest-term cards, one I got with my own personal very first digital camera. For the D70s it's a dinky thing, a mere 96 Mb which allows at most 16 images when using the Nikon NEF 'raw' format. Now, one of the most often heard complaints arguements from the diehard Digital Iz Eeevil crowd (well, OK, I'm exagerating a bit there but photographers sometimes may be a bit iconoclastic) is that digital photography doesn't require the photographer to think about what they're shooting. They can just shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot because they never run out of 'film'.

Piffles, I say. It's all up to the photographer. It's their choice.

So I left in the 96 Mb 'roll of film' and the day was such that I captured 14 pictures before running out.

Found this little fellow, and a few others, follow the link over to the Flickr space.