March 7th, 2008


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Woke up from a dream; by brother, my father, and my grandfather were all in it. Most of the action took place at Gramps place, which was on the shoreline of Lake Huron. Most of the action involved myself and my brother, as well. Gramps slept in the dream, is all. Dad put in an appearance later, and actually in the kitchen of the house I grew up in, which Dad built. Mostly he just said hello.

My brother and I spent time making photos and watching the water traffic off-shore. Lots and lots of traffic, all of it heading south. This seemed to place dream-time in the fall, not a big surprise as this time of year here in North Central Baja Jorja reminds me a lot of late fall. Wake-time, now, there shouldn't be any water traffic on Lake Huron, and in fact may still be some ice build-up along the shoreline.

One of the photos I made sent me running uphill back to the lakehouse for my camera; a very pretty sunset over the Lake, which is odd because Gramps place faced East, not West. But dream-time doesn't need to correspond to wake time, of course. And three children walked through the dream at that point too, one of whom proved midly annoying but surprised when I moved her talking hands gently out of my face with an aikido counter.

Going into the house for my camera, I entered the living room of Dad's house, where a cluster of furniture waited for prospective buyers. I only recognised one piece, it all looked like antiques, and my brother had it up for sale.
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It's Wet.

I'm sure the goats on the Ranch are hiding and sending out their, 'It's wet. Make it stop.' messages. Goats don't like being wet. Even moreso than cats.

The weather really isn't very nice. I spent time out of the office today working on a project, during which the Security department at Hospital sent out a couple e-mails regarding the weather. We experienced a tornado watch for a while, cancelled now for our area but still in effect for points north and east of us. When I read the alert in detail, the Weather Service sounded a bit confused as to locations. The reported tornado was 14 miles (near 20 Km) south west of Hoggetowne, but 10 miles (16 Km) north-east of Bronson. That's a bit of a discrepency there, as as Bronson is about 16 miles SW of Hoggetowne...

Lots of thunder even when I got back to office, which is keeping me attentive. One of the not so nice things about the big window-wall of office is that in truly severe weather, that's a vulnerable spot. Which means I need to be ready to do what they taught us so long ago in grade school, duck, cover, hide underneath my desk and then kiss my *ss goodbye. Though that drill they said would get us through a nuclear attack.

The big cranes for construction of new Hospital across the road are folded down and tucked in against the wind. This is good, as that's what they are supposed to do. It would be so embarrassing to see in the news: Construction Company building Hospital today experienced a major industrial accident due to severe weather and ignoring same, with major whopping big cranes blown over by nasty winds... Injured workers were immediately treated right across the road at Hospital...

I'm hungry, and waiting for food to arrive. Office-mate went out for lunch today. Bound and determined he was. Well, he's probably OK.