March 8th, 2008


Wet, But Not From Sky

Windy is as windy does, and today it does windy. Not that that makes much sense, however, there is more air movement out there today than qualifys as a breeze. Emptied water out of all goat troughs and pans; I'm thinking we received a very good 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) of rain yesterday and through the night. Lots of thunder and some noticable lightning while driving home. Houdini came out of his den hopefully when I pulled up. Gave him strokes and reassurances, then went into the house and brought out dinner early. Fed all the Bro's 'inside' by putting their bowls into their dens. They all appreciated it.

Herself called in, she'd sensibly pulled off the road for the worst of the weather, and is still enroute. I'm expecting a call some when around Noon today. Meanwhile, need to go stock up on some feed for the critters.

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Herself called in, she arrived alive. So, now she's in the business of setting up for business.

Walked rounds this afternoon with Houdini, after the wind died back some. Found a couple branches down across the far fenceline. Temporary patches done for today, but I'll need to do some more work on them tomorrow I'm reasonably certain the cows won't get out, as they hadn't found them yet anyway and now the fence 'looks' upright. Often, that's enough for a cow. Still, tomorrow put in some reinforcing t-bar posts.

Going over to some friends for dinner tonight.