March 20th, 2008


State of the Economy

Above and beyond all the usual little and sometimes not so little indicators of exactly how our economy is doing, things like groceries, gasoline, and oh, say, investment bank firms, another jog came along this week. This one is a lot closer to my heart than some.

There is a fairly to very good photographic processing lab in Hoggetowne called Flair Lab. If one does follow that link, you will still see the header on the page declaring Harmon's and Flair Pro Color Lab. Harmon's comprises their photo equipment store, and it's really quite a nice well rounded place, unlike the Ritz Camera chain place out in the Oaks Mall. It's possible to purchase some equipment from places like Best Buy and Circuit City as well, but these two are the only camera stores in Hoggetowne that I know about.

Or... were.

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So, yup, another sign that the economy isn't doing quite so hot as some folk would have us believe. Two signs, actually, both the move and sale itself, and the fact that I don't have as much to spend to help them out in reducing their inventory.