March 21st, 2008

Dear Buddha

More Not So Much Economy

Went by Harmon's Photo again yesterday on the way home; for more background go here or not, as pleases you. I counted up my pennies and decided I'd enough for another small reflector umbrella and possibly a couple of the mounting adapters I use for putting them onto the stands. As it turned out, only one of the adapters left when I was there. It's not there any more.

Noticed a price sign on a small cabinet wandering through. This particular cabinet used to be their 'Dutch Auction' station. Not a Dutch auction as I'm familiar with the concept, yet it worked. There would be usually five items on the cabinet top, each with a price list that displayed a staring date, an ending date, and between the two a decreasing price listing. Each day that passed from the start date, the price would be crossed off and the next lower one be the price one would pay. Prices started a bit above the usual mark-up, and ended well below that. Still, those items never made it to the bottom of the card.

Price on the cabinet? $40 US. It's not there any more either. I've got a piece of Harmon's history now.
Studio 318

And Now, For World Poetry Day

And to (somewhat) commemorate my upcoming hadj to AORN Congress:

For House of Delegates Roll Call, 48th Annual AORN Congress

From Florida to this one destination
We've journeyed across our great nation,
From where Mr. Mouse
Keeps a much larger House
To partake in collegial oration.

And it should be a rousing debate.
Just how shall we nurses relate?
Will it be much more fun
To vote One by One,
Or shall we continue to Delegate?

As we gather now, colleagues, take note,
With traditions, but never by rote,
As Members-at-Large
And by States are we charged,
And from Florida 77 will vote!

Collapse )