March 27th, 2008

Ninja Pyrates!


At work, not leaving until end of work day. Bags are in car, Herself will come back into town (having dropped me off) to take me to the rental car place. From there, on the road again for the annual hadj to AORN.

And, since I am sometimes a devious sneaky individual (yes, I know, you don't believe this), I must ask...

Is Someone Hiding Something?

Hippie Birdbaths, lolleeroberts!
Ninja Pyrates!


End of workday, heading out to meet my ride to pick up my ride to go take a ride on a jet plane. Will have Internet access this evening, though I don't know if I'll make use of it. Up early tomorrow for that ride on a jet plane. Will have Internet access while away, so who knows what I'll post. Or not.
Ninja Pyrates!

1st Leg

Arrived in Tampa, found hotel without problems. Didn't expect any, have stayed here before. Fed the rental car, won't need to do that in the morning. Fed me as well. Have some leftovers which will cope with no refrigeration, so a quick breakfast in the morning. Possibly more tomorrow during the trip, definitely after arrival.

Good night all. Good night, Johnboy.
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