April 8th, 2008


A Great Day

Down to the sea and ships, or at least the bay and the Maritime Museum here. Many photographs made, some which will provide both images for me and background research for a friend. Four vessels visited, two steam, two sail.

While down by the ocean/bay and the ships, fulfilled a personal pilgrimage and a request from a friend. It's not private, you could track it down reading back through the LJ here. It is personal, though, so I'll simply say, All Messages Delivered.

Then up to a tall, tall balcony for more photographs...

Many thanks to the wedschilde for that last.

Off for lunch, then to check out the San Diego Zoo (since the Japanese Garden in Balboa Park is closed on Mondays). Alas! We arrived at 16:11 and the gates close at 16:00. Woe is me. I shall need to plan another trip to San Diego. To console self we wandered about the park, past the entry to the Japanese Garden and amongst the museums. Sakura are beginning to bloom in the valley of the Garden; some photos from up on the hill. Other things in bloom, all over.

We think they closed the gates at the Zoo and changed the hours of the Garden because of Popper. Though we aren't sure. It may not be him, it simply seems suspicious.

However, we did see koi. And squirrels. And street performers. And some excellent light.

Then back to The Cabin for rendevous and off to Nicolosi's for Italian... so much food! We all came home with left-overs. wedschilde insisted on ordering the meatballs for me. I will probably be attempting to take them on the airplane with me tomorrow.

Now... to pack.